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The Perkopolis Discount Program

Back in 2019, the NCCPPA signed an agreement with Perkopolis discount company. Under the terms of the agreement, NCCPPA will inform their affiliated CP Pensioners Associations about the Perkopolis Discount Program. Interested NCCPPA chapters then will work directly with the Perkopolis Account Manager for further information and to obtain the individual registration codes for their members in order to log in to available discounts. We are very excited to offer this arrangement to our Pensioners and expect many will take advantage of the savings.

Perkopols offers discounts to its members in a variety of shopping items such as fashion, wellness, auto, wedding, mobility, electronics, home, food and drinks, personal, gifts, travel, tickets and many more. For details, please log in to


How to Obtain Blue Cross Travel Insurance Discount.

  1. Call 1-866-544-7720.
  2. Identify yourself as a CP Pensioner, and say that the 10 per cent discount is a national (not provincial) program.
  3. Quote the CP Travel Insurance Group Number – 093102.
  4. Provide your CP Employee Number.

Blue Cross “Blue Advantage”

The Blue Advantage program allows Blue Cross members to save on medical, vision care and many other products and services offered by participating providers across Canada. The program is unique because it provides discounts at point-of-sale on the total cost of products and services from participating providers across Canada, regardless if the item is covered under your benefit plan. How does it work? Present your Blue Cross ID card and mention the Blue Advantage program to the participating provider.


Blue Cross has resumed the sale of new Travel Insurance Policies with the following amendment.

As you are aware that NCCPPA negotiated an exclusive 10% discount for Blue Cross travel insurance for CP pensioners. Call Blue Cross directly at 1-866-544-7720 to receive the discount.                                                  

“CP Pensioners seeking Travel Insurance coverage from Blue Cross should inquire about the exclusions and limitations under COVID – 19”

        Blue Cross Travel Insurance Endorsement


It is hereby agreed and stipulated that for all contracts issued or renewed as of July 22, 2020, the travel insurance policy is amended as follows.

Intended for all persons covered by this contract.

Amendment 1: The Return to the province of residence at the request of the Insurer clause is added to the Conditions applicable to all benefits of your contract:
Return to the province of residence at the request of the Insurer. In the absence of a medical contraindication, when the Canadian or provincial government encourages travellers to return to the country, the Insurer can require the return to the province of residence, within a timeframe that they deem reasonable, of any covered person who is travelling.

Amendment 2: The Contract extension clause of the Conditions applicable to all benefits is amended as follows:

Contract extension: An extension of the coverage may be requested provided that the covered persons remain eligible for insurance and that their health condition remains unchanged since the departure date. When the extension is authorized, the additional premium must be paid to maintain the validity of the contract. If the extension or the coverage conditions affect the initial rate of the contract, the new rate will apply for the entire duration of the contract. The contract must cover the total duration of the trip including the return date, except when the extension request is denied by Blue Cross. The extension must be purchased from Blue Cross. An extension purchased from another insurance company shall render your Blue Cross contract null and void in its entirety, except when the extension request is denied by Blue Cross.

The extension is conditional on the approval by the Insurer if:

– The covered person submits a claim during the initial period of coverage;

– The Canadian government published advisory warning travellers against travelling to the region or country that constitutes the covered person’s destination, or;

– The Canadian or provincial government encourages travellers to return to Canada. Once the approval to extend the contract has been granted, any claim that pertains to an event that occurred during the initial period of coverage will be rejected. The contract holder must file a request for an extension prior to the end of the initial period of coverage by contacting the Insurer.

Amendment 3: The Validity of the contract clause of the Conditions applicable to all benefits is amended as follows:

Validity of the contract
The insurance is valid only when purchased and paid in full before the effective date of the contract.

The travel insurance must be purchased before any departure date and for the full duration of the trip, including the departure and return date.

If the contract requires an extension and the latter is denied by the Insurer, the contract remains valid until the expiry date indicated on the insurance certificate.

Amendment 4: The Travel credit clause is added to the Conditions particular to this benefit of the Trip Cancellation or Interruption benefit of your contract:
Travel credit A travel credit (travel voucher) issued by a travel provider is considered a refund whether the credit is accepted by the covered person or not. A credited trip or a trip for which a travel credit was refused cannot, in any case, be the subject of a claim to the Insurer.

Amendment 5: Exclusion of the Other exclusions of the Trip Cancellation or Interruption benefit of your contract is modified as follows:

Any event that does not lead the Canadian or provincial government to issue a general recommendation not to travel to a country or a region that is the destination of the trip or any event for which the recommendation not to travel to the destination has been lifted more than 7 days before the departure date.

Amendment 6: The Notice of an event clause of the Conditions particular to this benefit of the Trip Cancellation or Interruption benefit is amended as follows:

Notice of an event – When a covered event occurs prior to the departure date, the covered person must contact and advise the Insurer within 48 hours of the event. The Insurer will be able to indicate the procedure to follow. In all cases, the claim settlement shall be limited to the amounts stipulated on the insurance certificate and that is non-refundable at the date of the event.
All other policy provisions remain unchanged.

Sylvain Charbonneau
President and Chief Executive Officer

CP Shops

Looking for some CP branded merchandise? We’ve recently changed our vendor and have a brand new and exciting selection of Canadian Pacific gifts and collectibles available for purchase. Choose the Employee Only section and enter your employee ID for the discount.

Visit the new CP Shops today:


CP’s corporate rate may be offered to CP Pensioners and their immediate family travelling with them ONLY, these rates are available at CP’s discretion. Travellers may be asked to provide CP identification during their trip.

  1. Create a Concur profile for leisure travel.
  2. Your Concur login should be your [email protected] and your Employee ID is your employee number.
    Use your personal email address as the work email.
  3. Once this is completed you will receive an email confirmation that your profile has been set up and you will then be able to log in, create your profile and make your travel booking.
  4. A personal credit card will be required in order to book travel.
  5. NOTE: A fee will be charged for each booking.

New Vehicle

Ford of Canada has a special rate for CP pensioners who are looking to purchase certain types of automobiles. If you are interested, visit the Ford Partner website and enter Partner Code XB350.

Car Rental

As a CP pensioner or survivor, you can take advantage of a preferred rate offered by Enterprise Car Rental.

Call 1-800-593-0505 to make a reservation by phone and give the agent the account number XVC5381 to receive the discounted rate. When making a reservation via their website, enter XVC5381 in the “Promotion Code or Account Number” field to receive the discounted rate.

Home or Car Insurance

As a valued retiree of Canadian Pacific, you and your family can benefit from preferred group insurance rates for home and auto insurance, which could save you hundreds of dollars.

To find out how much you can save, call 1-877-476-6727 and speak to a representative today or visit to request a quote.

The program, administered by Marsh Canada Limited and underwritten by Novex Insurance features:

Preferred group discounted insurance rates, and much, much more;

  • My home & auto – combine your home & auto insurance – one policy, one payment, one expiry date and receive additional discounts
  • Easipay – flexible and convenient payment options – multiple payment plans with no service charges;
  • Novex Assistance – Legal Information Service and Home Assistance (emergency babysitting, housekeeping, and home care services)
  • Claims Service Guarantee – 24/7 Emergency Claims Service – in the event of an emergency claim you’ll be put in touch with a Claims Representative within 30 minutes or Novex Insurance will write you a cheque for the amount of your annual premium up to $1,000
  • Homemaking/Nursing Care – If you or your spouse has been hospitalized for 2 days or more, Novex Assistance can help you find a homemaker to assist with light housekeeping and meals when you return home.
  • Insurance for cottages, camps and other vacation properties
  • Family Care Assistance – Novex can refer you to licensed child care providers or local babysitting services if you need someone to care for your children or grandchildren

We are very pleased to be able to make this offer available to you and your family and we encourage you to call for a quote to see how much you can save.

Travel Insurance

The NCCPPA negotiated an exclusive 10% discount for Blue Cross travel insurance for CP pensioners. Call Blue Cross directly at 1-866-544-7720 to receive the discount.