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How to Obtain Blue Cross Travel Insurance Discount.

  1. Call 1-866-544-7720.
  2. Identify yourself as a CP Pensioner, and say that the 10 per cent discount is a national (not provincial) program.
  3. Quote the CP Travel Insurance Group Number – 093102.
  4. Provide your CP Employee Number.




CP Holiday Train

Please check the CPKC website for the full schedule.




Whether you prefer tablets, smartphones or a desktop computer, you can now enjoy the magazine wherever you are, however you want, with the new digital version of Canadian Pacific Magazine.

The digital version of the magazine will be updated after every new print issue. Access back issues (in pdf format).

In Memoriam



Railway Nation

Since its founding in 1881, Canadian Pacific has made an indelible mark on the lives of people across the country. Most commonly associated with its iconic railway, at its height CPR also ran hotels, steamships, and an airline. In addition, it had myriad involvements in immigration, irrigation, resource development, the military, and international trade. Railway Nation is a fascinating compilation of more than sixty thrilling and historically significant stories based on colourful anecdotes and archival sources dating back to CPR’s golden era. This lively, nuanced portrait of an iconic company is essential reading for Canadian history buffs.

“David Laurence Jones has captured the magic of a time when travel via Canadian Pacific was an integral part of life in the young Dominion. From the company’s extraordinary contribution to the winning of two world wars, to the excitement of professional hockey and football teams riding the rails to national championship games, to the airline’s first flight attendants, who were trained in how to fuel the aircraft, there is something of interest here for everyone.”


Local Association Newsletters & News

Pensioner Association Newsletters are in PDF format. Contact us to have your Association Newsletter added to this site.



Anniversaries & Significant Life Events

Upload your .jpg photo and provide a description to have your anniversary or significant life event added to this site. Photos and descriptions are added to the CP Pensioners Facebook account, which then appear on this page. All photos and descriptions are reviewed prior to being added. Please note it can take up to a week for your event to be added to the site.


The 2022 London, Ontario Triennial convention of the National Council of CP Pensioner Associations (NCCPPA)

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