CP Pensioners were an important part of the railway’s success. Today, we continue to play a leading role as advocates for the railway.

The National Council of Canadian Pacific Pensioners Associations (NCCPPA) seeks to protect the interests of all retired Canadian Pacific employees and their spouses, and to promote the general goodwill and fellowship among the local affiliated associations.


Revelstoke B.C.                                   August 14, 2020

From         Robert J Cameron

Elected CP Pension Representative


I have been notified today as being re-elected again as your representative for another 3 years starting September 1, 2020.

The final tally is as follows

                                            Votes           Percentage

Robert J Cameron                 1941           55.20%

Don Campbell                        856            24.35%

Mark Rickerby                       696            19.80%


Ballots                                      23              0.65%

Total vote                             3516             26.57%

Total Ballots                        13235            100%


I would like to thank everyone for their support and I will be sending another letter in the next few weeks to outline my plans for the next 3 years. 


Robert J Cameron


To this end, we work with Robert Cameron, our Pensioner Representative and formal liaison with the CP Pension Committee under the Pension Rules.

There are also many benefits in belonging to your local pensioner association, and we encourage you to join and get involved with the activities of these associations. Help out where you can, it is worth it. And if there is not an association in your area, consider starting one.



National Council of CP Pensioners Associations (NCCPPA)

The 2020 Triennial Convention, originally scheduled for May 22 and 23 in London, Ontario, has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Please check back here for updates.



The NCCPPA was originally chartered in 1984. NCCPPA Conventions are held every three years.

The purpose and objectives of the NCCPPA are:

  • To protect the interest of all retired Canadian Pacific Railway Employees and their spouses in all matters concerning their Canadian Pacific Railway pension and other benefits.
  • To be the National Council for the Associations of Canadian Pacific Pensioners.

Prior to our conventions, we seek input from ALL member associations as to what, if any, improvements or changes they would suggest for pension rules, pensions, or to any of the other benefits they currently receive.

In order for the NCCPPA to be effective it is important that as many pensioners as possible become members of their local pensioner associations. If there is no pensioner association in your area you may contact any member of the executive committee for further information.

Current NCCPPA Executive (2017 – 2020/21)


NCCPPA By-laws & Minutes

Local Pensioner Associations

There are many benefits in belonging to your local pensioner association and we encourage you to join and get involved with the activities of these associations. If there is not an association in your area, consider starting one.

Want your Pensioner Association listed? Contact us with your location, contact names and address.

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